When Onesies Make People Uncomfortable

Lazuli has a lot of clothing items that say "Little Sister" and over these past four months I've learned that seeing her in them makes a lot of people uncomfortable.

But here's the thing - Lazuli IS a little sister. She's my fourth pregnancy and the second baby I've been able to meet earthside. I consider Onyx my first born, which makes Lazuli my second born. Onyx and Lazuli exist in their own right, but they are also siblings. Only one of them is still here but they're forever connected.

Lazuli in her "going home" outfit 

Whether others want to acknowledge Onyx or not, he IS a part of our family. Just as my great-grandma - who passed away in 2013 - is still my grandma, Onyx is still my son. And with the birth of Lazuli, he's a big brother.

Wearing Lazuli in our Sakura Bloom "Onyx" carrier 

"Little Sister" onesies are a big deal. They're a way to embrace our family and let the world know that a special member is yes, missing, but still ever present in our lives.

"Little Sister" onesies might make you uncomfortable but it's a special title Lazuli holds. We honor that and ask that you do too.