37 weeks

CW: I usually don't give content warnings when I'm talking about pregnancy, but know that I'll be sharing some details about my bodily functions in this post and any other future pregnancy updates. If you're grossed out by how bodies work, maybe skip my pregnancy updates :) 

First off, I can't believe I'm making a 37 week update! If you've been following my journey, you know that I gave birth to Onyx at just 20 weeks and that I've had a lot of struggles this pregnancy. I've been high risk for preterm birth so it's wild to be at the point of being okay with this baby coming any day now.


  • I had my weekly prenatal appointment, which includes an NST (Non-Stress Test) and a BPP (Biophysical Profile) - two fancy terms to just basically mean that the baby got some extra monitoring. I've been having these two tests done bi weekly since my late second trimester, and weekly since 34/35 weeks. The baby is usually super active before and after my appointment, but quite lazy during the actual appointment, so it takes a while to do the tests and that always gets me a little nervous. Thankfully the baby always passes the tests despite being quite stubborn. And this time we actually got a decent ultrasound photo!
  • At my appointment I also had two other tests done - the Group B Strep test and a blood draw to test my hemoglobin. I should get my results back for both some time this week. The one I'm mostly concerned about is my hemoglobin levels. I'm pretty anemic when I'm not pregnant and have been a little low on iron this pregnancy (despite taking an iron supplement and trying to eat more iron rich foods). Low iron is a concern because it puts you at an increased risk for hemorrhaging during/after birth. I almost hemorrhaged when I had Onyx (unrelated reasons to this pregnancy) so I'm a little anxious about getting my results. I'm hoping my levels are decent enough to where I won't need iron through an IV or a blood transfusion. 
  • Baby is still head down. They've been in the same position for at least a month now. 
  • Everything we need for the birth is all packed and ready to go. Will has insisted that everything go directly by the front door so he doesn't forget anything. He is definitely getting anxious about this baby's upcoming arrival.


  • Swollen feet - Guess all the extra water and blood has to go somewhere, right? I've worn flip flops for a majority of this pregnancy. 
  • Breakouts - I had a few breakouts in my first trimester but nothing like these recent ones! I'm suddenly getting pimples everywhere - forehead, in between my eyebrows, on my chin, nose, chest, back, thighs. 
  • Heartburn - I have acid reflux when I'm not pregnant, so I knew pregnancy heartburn would suck. Still, I was not prepared for simple things like water giving me heartburn! I'm not usually one to use medication but I've had to take an antacid almost daily for a while now. 
  • SPD - I was diagnosed with SPD (Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction) in my second trimester but after being put on bed rest, I didn't notice symptoms as much. Now that I'm nearing my due date and not on bed rest, I'm definitely feeling those pains again. It literally feels like my pelvis is being ripped apart! I'm hoping to get in to see the chiropractor soon but so far I've just been wrapping my belly whenever I leave the house and mostly suffering through the pains. At night they're the worst - I switch sides several times throughout the night and use lots of pillows but I still wake up feeling like I have horrible bed sores. 
  • Nesting - I've been nesting for weeks now and feel like we're mostly prepared for baby's arrival. I still go through the hospital bag on a daily basis though, adding new things, reorganizing, etc. I think the only thing we really have left to do is install the car seat base. 
  • Mucus Plug - I think I'm been losing my mucus plug over the past week or so. It's not in a huge chunk like some people talk about, so I don't know for sure. Unfortunately losing your mucus plug doesn't tell you when you'll go into labor (did you know it can regrow?!) so I'm trying to not take it as a sign of anything. 
  • Signs of Labor? - I've had some really minimal cramping off/on for a few days now. I know some people describe Braxton Hicks contractions as period-like cramps, but I'm not sure if that's what is happening because I've been lucky to never really have cramps during my period. Sometimes my belly gets a little hard when I feel the cramps and other times it doesn't. I've also been having lots of loose stool, which I've heard can be a sign that you're going into labor. My stomach is super sensitive to everything when I'm pregnant though, so I honestly don't think it's a sign of anything. I'm kind of at the point where I'm like "could be labor, could be Taco Bell, who knows". 


I've definitely had a few break downs this past week. It seems like the closer I get to my due date (and Onyx's birthday, which is the same week that this baby is due), the more anxious I am. I'm actually more anxious now than I was when I was 24 weeks pregnant and told that I'd give birth at "any moment". I keep thinking about how babies can be stillborn full term and how things can seem perfectly fine one moment only to completely change the next. 

For the most part I've been able to follow my little "uplift hope over fear" mantra but now that I'm full term, it's getting more and more difficult to stay positive. I'm really just done being pregnant - it's been incredibly hard on my body and my mental health. I've mostly been avoiding social media because while its amazing to see so many families get their "rainbow", I keep thinking about how we may not get ours. I am so ready to meet this baby already, I'm just hoping they come on their own, that they come soon (today would be nice!) and that we get to take them home.