#AdventForOnyx Day 3 | Couple Care Day

I'm sure you've all heard of "self-care" days, but have you thought about couple care days too?

In my mind, Couple Care Days are more than a "date night". They include more intention about what you're actually doing and center your relationship rather than just having a night out together.

Relationships can be stressful and baby loss can especially take a toll on your relationship - sometimes people grieve differently, there are new bills that you never expected, new decisions you had no idea you'd ever have to make. Plus you go through this weird process of having to undo your heart, mind, and home from what was going to be a new life with your baby.

Needless to say, Will and I were definitely in need of a "Couple Care Day".

He was able to get today off work and so we decided to go out for lunch. Our place is super tiny, so it was nice to not have to prepare a meal and spend two hours cleaning up the entire house afterward.

There's been a lot of stressful stuff piling up in our lives since Onyx passed away, and the simple act of just eating together really helped us reconnect. We put down our phones and just spent some good old genuine time together. Later, we caught up on some Netflix and even though Will fell asleep rather early on (he always falls asleep if he's in bed and the TV is on), those cuddles were still special. We've been missing out on simple couple time since he started picking up more hours at work, so this Couple Care Day was a reminder that we need to be intentional about finding balance.

I also decided to ditch my phone for a majority of the day. It might not seem like a radical act to you, but it definitely was for me! All of the work that I do is heavy on social media, so putting my phone on silent wasn't the easiest thing to do. But I seriously feel so much better having done it. My mind doesn't feel distracted, it feels kind of calm and that hasn't been a thing for me in a while.

Anyway, today was a day that we took our time with things. No errands, no reminder of what time we had to be back home. I know this kind of Couple Care Day isn't accessible for everyone - especially if you have other children to care for - but it's open for interpretation so feel free to make it your own!

I hope we can add in some more Couple Care days during this chaotic holiday season!

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