#AdventForOnyx Day 2 | Random Act of Kindness: Starbucks

Today is Day 2 of Advent for Onyx and our initial plans had to be changed because we got a ton of snow last night.

So today, my mom and I spent some time together and went on our typical Starbucks date (self care is an important part of Advent for Onyx!). As we pulled up in the drive-thru, the Barista let us know that the person in front of us had paid for our coffee. It was a shock at first, but then we remembered the lovely Minnesota Nice that seems to come out in folks every winter. And with it being such a sweet surprise, we decided to pay for the car behind us. My mom made sure to tell the Barista to let the people know that their coffee is from Onyx :)

Paying for someone's coffee seems so simple but it's actually pretty amazing if you really think about it. I mean, when do people typically get coffee? It's usually on their way to work, during their work break or when they're in a hurry (for some reason us humans like to wait in a long line when we're in a hurry). People are often super stressed when they stop for their coffee and look at it as a "pick-me-up" that will help them get through the day. So getting a free coffee when you least expect it is pretty awesome!

I don't usually like to call it a "Random Act of Kindness" because I like to be intentional about things, but today's Advent activity was definitely a RAOK. Stay tuned for more acts of kindness throughout the month!