#AdventForOnyx Day 12 | 25 Affordable Acts of Kindness

Acts of Kindness - often referred to as "Random Acts of Kindness" are really popular around the holidays. The acts can seem so simple but for those who receive them, they can actually be a huge deal!

As part of my Advent for Onyx this year, we have incorporated lots of little Acts of Kindness throughout the month. I think they're a great way to share your baby with the world this holiday season, so I decided to create this post dedicated to some affordable ideas!

Here are 25 Acts of Kindness that cost $5 and under:

* Be sure to attach a little note to each act of kindness that says something about your baby

1. Leave some loose change at a vending machine
2. Leave candy canes around public places
3. Leave $1 at the kid's section in the dollar store
4. Buy a lottery scratch-off and tape it to the gas pump
5. Cut out coupons and leave them on the items at the store
6. Leave quarters on a machine at the laundry mat

7. Leave a pack of baby wipes on the changing table in a public restroom
8. Leave a book in a Little Library in your neighborhood (if applicable)
9. Find a baby item that reminds you of your own baby and attach $5 to it
10. Leave $1 on an item (or $5!) in the dollar section at Target
11. Leave $5 on some baby formula
12. Leave some candy on your neighbor's doorstep

13. Leave $1 in a parenting book at the library
14. Leave a quarter on a toy machine at the grocery store
15. Bring some baked goods to your local Fire station
16. Leave $1 at the toy section at a thrift store
17. Leave $1 on a baby item at the thrift store
18. Leave $5 extra for your server's tip at a restaurant

19. Leave some hot chocolate mix in your mailbox for the mail carrier
20. Leave some positive affirmations on the mirror in a dressing room
21. Leave some extra change on a change machine at Walmart (the machine where you can exchange your change for dollars)
22. Put $5 in a baby book at Target
23. Pay for someone's overdue parking meter
24. Pay for the person behind you when you go through a drive-thru
25. Cut out some coupons and leave them on the items at the grocery store

You don't have to do a dozen Acts of Kindness to make an impact - even just one can truly make someone's day! So feel free to pick your favorite or whatever is most accessible for you as a way to honor your baby this holiday season.