#AdventForOnyx Day 1 | Decorating Onyx's Christmas Tree

Today is the official start to the 2018 Advent for Onyx + Blogmas! This project is my own take on the #AdventToRemember that was created by another baby loss mama named Jess (The Legacy of Leo).

Every day from December 1st-25th, I will be posting something related to the holiday season here on my blog or on my Youtube channel (maybe both!). I'm really excited about this Advent so be prepared for lots of holiday spam in honor of Onyx!

For Day 1 I decorated Onyx's little Christmas tree. We're going to call it the "Rainbow Tree" and will hopefully be able to continue to use the same tree for years to come. My mom purchased it as a special tree for Onyx and it's a super sweet way for us to celebrate him this Christmas.

It was a little difficult to find decorations tiny enough for the tree but I think we found some decent stuff! Most of the decorations were thrifted but I decided to DIY a few of the ornaments.

The ornament with Onyx's photo is from Michael's. It has a little charm that has 2018 on it so I knew I had to get it being that 2018 is the year Onyx was born. I added a little rainbow charm and a green stone to represent his August birthstone.

I also wanted to include the two babies that I miscarried (Baby September and Baby November) so I bought two little angel wing charms (also from Michaels) and added their birthstones to the ornament along with some white ribbon. As time goes on, I'm definitely starting to "personify" September and November as more than just babies that I miscarried, and I've been associating them with angels, the color white and their birthstone colors. I'm glad that I was able to find a way to also include them in Onyx's Rainbow Tree.

I will hopefully be posting a video tonight for Vlogmas but that's it for today's blog post! I hope everyone is having a great start to December!