Voting After Baby Loss | Election Day 2018 Reflections

Today is Election Day in the United States and I've been reflecting on all of the ways policies - or the lack thereof - relate to pregnancy and infant loss.

Did you know that a baby born in the United States is three times more likely to die during their first year than a baby born in Japan? We're in one of the wealthiest nations in the world yet our babies continue to die at some of the highest rates.

(I had made this onesie for Onyx just a couple of weeks before he was born.

Specifically, babies in the U.S have higher premature birth rates and higher chances of dying due to SIDS1 in 4 of us lose our babies. I've been that 1 in 4 three times now and while not all losses can be prevented, many can. Many losses can be prevented with better maternal health care practices.

(18 weeks pregnant with Onyx after voting in the Minnesota Primary Election.)

We need more funding for programs and research, more education for providers. At the very least families deserve better prenatal care and better care postpartum.

We can do better and we need to do better. So today, I'm voting for all of the babies who should still be here.