Versatile Blogger Award

A few days ago I was nominated by Joy from Frugal, Fab and Joy for The Versatile Blogger Award! The Versatile Blogger Award is for newer/smaller blogs and encourages bloggers to uplift others in the community. I appreciate this nomination so much! 

So a little about my blogging journey so far:

I started this blog shortly before Onyx's one month anniversary. I had just left my first postpartum check-up and decided that I wanted to document my journey in a way that spreads awareness about baby loss and builds community. Blogging has been a big part of my healing journey and I've already built a huge network of connections from sharing my story. I'm so grateful to have this as a platform. 

Now, per nomination "rules", here are 7 facts about me:

1. I'm currently 24 years old. 

2. I'm lactose intolerant but consume dairy anyway (the struggle).

3. I'm bilingual (English/Spanish) but need to work on my Spanish speaking skills. 

4. I have an anxiety disorder and it's a big part of my lived experience.

5. I'm in a relationship - My partner's name is Will but he's really shy so that's why I don't share a lot about him on this blog or the social media accounts connected to it. 

6. I live in Minnesota and yes I say some words weird. I was born and raised here but I've lived in other states before.

7. I have another blog dedicated to topics like mental health, feminism, and politics. Check it out HERE if you wish.

Fellow bloggers that I nominate:
*These are in no particular order and I have no idea what constitutes as a "small blog" so I just nominated some of the blogs I follow regardless of their "size". 

  • @Brian_ToaM and @Chels_ToaM - Brian and Chelsea are an adorable long-distance blogger couple who share a blog called Two of a Mind. I like to follow people who talk about mental health and their Twitter accounts popped up on my feed one day. I follow both of their personal social media accounts and definitely recommend that you do too! They seem like super awesome people so definitely check out their blog! 

  •  @Lavraxblogs - Lav has a super cute blog called Lavrax. Their blog is pretty versatile and definitely worth the read! I also really love their Instagram feed. Definitely check out their blog and other social media accounts. 

  • @eefiesmess - Eefie is a lifestyle blogger with a blog called Eefie's Beautiful Mess. They just had a baby girl named Alice and I'm so excited to follow their parenting journey! Their blog is pretty versatile, which I love. And they take super cute photos! 

  • @Saabirahlblog - Saabirah runs a blog called Saabirah Lawrence where they talk about mental health, social justice issues and lots of other topics. One of my favorite things about Saabirah's blog is that they do guest posts - I don't see a lot of blogs do that so that's definitely one of the aspects of their blog that really stands out to me. Definitely check them out! 

  • @thelegacyofleo - Jess runs a blog called The Legacy of Leo, which is named after their son Leo. They've created so many awesome communities on social media including #BabyLossHour, #LGBTBabyLoss and #AdventToRemember. Jess' blog has helped me so much! If you've been directly affected by baby loss, I definitely recommend following them! 

  • An Unexpected Family Outing - Rachel is the author behind this amazing blog that dives so deeply into life after loss. Upon finding An Unexpected Family Outing, I literally binge read every single post. Rachel's blog has been so instrumental in my healing journey (it was through her that I found Still Standing Magazine, a great resource for families who have experienced baby loss). Rachel is not on Twitter but she's very active on Facebook and I definitely recommend her page!

  • @tanikasimply - Tanika runs a blog called Simply Tanika where she talks about all things TTC, infertility and baby loss. She also has a Youtube channel that I recently binge-watched! I love that she shares stories from other families in the community and that she's so honest with her experiences. Definitely check out her blog and Youtube channel! 

  • @hhniwidaamber - Amber has a blog called Happily Having No Idea What I'm Doing. She talks a lot about mental health - which is initially how I found her blog - but her niche is also pretty versatile. Her Twitter is probably one of my most "liked" accounts. She has so many resources on mental health! Definitely check her out.

  • @lilnativeboy - Allen doesn't technically have a blog as the others on this list do but they recently started a Patreon with amazing essays! Allen is super active on #NativeTwitter and I definitely recommend following them if you like to learn about social justice. 

Well, that's all for this post. Thanks again to Joy for the nomination! 


  1. Well written and so informative! Totally makes me want to read your nominees blogs!