5 Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support Resources

This month I have been participating in #CaptureYourGrief - an amazing social media project created by Carly from The Seashore of Remembrance. I have been sharing my posts on my personal Instagram but today I have decided to share on A Rainbow From Onyx.

Day 8's theme is Support. Here are 5 resources that I recommend for those who have experienced Pregnancy and Infant Loss.

Still Standing Mag

Still Standing Mag is a great online resource for real life experiences on pregnancy and infant loss + infertility. You can find posts like "7 Things I've Learned Since The Loss of My Child" and "Grieving the Child Who Did Not Die". I really like Still Standing Mag because I resonate with a lot of their articles and it's been healing to hear first hand experiences from others going through the same things I am. Something that I've found helpful is sending the articles to friends/family because it takes away from you having to put in the emotional labor of constantly having to explain things yourself. Definitely check out their WebsiteInstagram and Facebook pages.

Instagram Community

If you're okay with seeing posts about loss, Instagram can be a great resource. There is such a huge loss community presence on Instagram and it has been great resource for me to connect with others who just "get it". Some hashtags I recommend following are #StillAMother, #StillbornStillLoved, #IHadAMiscarriage and #CaptureYourGrief. You can find personal stories and inspirational quotes that can help with grief.

Facebook Support Groups 

Facebook Support Groups can be really helpful after pregnancy and infant loss. You find a community of people who have similar stories and understand what you are going through. You can share your baby's story and photos, ask questions, share your concerns or just vent. There are many different groups that you can join that are for general loss support or specific to your experience such as miscarriage, stillbirth or SIDS. There are also groups dedicated to support for those who are trying to conceive (TTC) after loss, for those who have a specific diagnosis for their loss (such as PPROM) or are specific to a location. To search for a group, type in "pregnancy and infant loss" in the search bar on Facebook and click on the "groups" tab. Be sure to read the groups rules and general information before requesting to join that way you know it's a group you'd like to be apart of. Here are some of the groups I recommend:

Stillbirth and Infant Loss Support Group
Miscarriage Support Group
Miscarriage and Infant Loss Support Group
Still Mothers - No Living Children (this is a great group for those who want support specifically from those who do not have any living children as sometimes seeing posts from others who have living children can be upsetting/triggering).
Baby Loss Support for Agnostic and Atheist Moms (many loss resources are religious based but here is a great group for those who are not religious are or are just looking for non-religious support)

In-Person Support Group Meetings 

The Star Legacy Foundation is a great resource that offers different online support groups, including one for grandparents and one for parenting after loss. You can also contact your local hospital and ask about their support groups. I know the hospital where I had Onyx has a support group that meets twice a month. All support groups are free.

Therapists Who Specialize in Pregnancy and Infant Loss 

The MISS Foundation has a resource to help you find a therapist who specializes in grief after loss. You can also find local therapists by Googling "Pregnancy and Infant Loss Therapist Near Me" or "Grief Therapist Near Me". Therapy can be a great resource for individuals or couples and there is also the option to have family sessions (which can be great for siblings/living children). Mental health support is especially important after loss, so don't be afraid to reach out to your local resources. If you do not have insurance or cannot afford a therapist there may be free walk-in counseling near you. Ask a doctor for resources or Google "Free Counseling Near Me".

There are so many more resources but these are some that have helped me the most this past month. I hope you can find them helpful too <3